Need a Getaway? Live Like a Secret Agent In New York City!


Trying to evade evil henchmen can make it so difficult for a secret agent to make a clandestine rendezvous in Manhattan these days. Even if the henchmen have the latest equipment, we help to ensure your getaway with turbo power reaching speeds up to 32 knots… and so comfortably that you won’t spill your champagne. And if your rendezvous point happens to be at sea, our state of the art GPS piloting system will get you there on time. Whether you’re a secret agent or just an international man of mystery, it never hurts to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a tranquil bit of relaxation whilst taking in some of the most spectacular views in the world… From the New York City Bridges, to the New York City Skyline, to the Statue of Liberty, there’s nothing like it. Make your getaway to the destinations and attractions of your choice. Your retreat can include a private chef, catering, or reservations at one of many fine restaurants along the water. So if you are looking for a romantic break, meeting, or celebration for up to six people, Let Roman Holiday Charters help you make your time away perfect. Contact us today at

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